Saturday, November 18, 2006

Worn, Unworn...

So my heart and mind decided to try on some clothes the other day. I love it vintage, but hate it used. Usually the feeling is used, but that day it surpassed the fit of a glove. I was wandering the streets of downtown LA near the MOCA, and happened upon an exhibit called Skin + Bones. An amazing set up that presented certain techniques and strategies in which fashion paralleled architecture. I have to admit that the exhibit did lack in expressing key points, but included many interesting conceptual works from Gehry, Chalayan, Miyake, McQueen, Yamamoto, and many respected others. For once I felt some sort of reassurance that my life was, and is on the right track. There are so many avenues in life, and perhaps my introspection led me to take a few more turns up and down the alleys. In the inception I was on a mission to soul search, but I think I was wrong all along. I didn't need to find myself, but rather realize myself. Now I think I have realized more than just something. Architecture my muse, Apparel my art. I love the less beaten path.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tawdry Talk...

I think I'll pass, if the talk is cheap.
Inner dialogue is priceless, but purchased for free.

Stupid boys in hot pants, my shoulder is cold.
Just leave your words at the dollar store...

Friday, November 03, 2006


I have fallen off the face of the earth.
A beautiful perspective of debauchery.

My head is messy.
Chaotic order.

I am drawn to the view from here.
I think I'll stay for awhile...