Thursday, September 03, 2009

Row Your Boat..

i want to get out, i need air, i need to breathe.
fuk love i'm going out of my mind here
it's just prayer painting these walls half clean.

see the air lives thick and far from clear
i'm falling, i'm failing, i'm fleeting.
gonna build my house on minimal decree

can you cure a wooden smile
conquer over their rusted, garish hearts
we know that plastic only lasts a short while

give me a guitar give me some song
i can't sleep with dissonant melody
sketch a rhyme to help me write the wrong.

i've seen every cold of grey, and every shade of blue
same sign, your shifting steps like mine
i want color, i want new, i want you.

i've got years on your lovely flooded boots
the water is so knee deep in dirt
i'll carry you up ladders and down chutes.

look now, you see the sun awake i put it to sleep
fade your bones, fade the pretty
killing the need, another version of me