Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whore Moans...

A mere pull of the plug, and a bit of control. Come sunday, everything will be at ease with that daily dose of the BC. Like a mother, take it and swallow. You tell me we go around in circles, but I beg to differ with cycles.

This is normal, you know, when it rips at the seams and the laughter bites at your greed. An honor to your plead, a little show and tell of this heart made of glass. Here is a brick, can you keep a secret? Shhh, we're just friends. Devise cruelty into a sonnet, I'll shed some light on your darkened heart. So far from a lover.

"He's just another quickie" she says, as her words surpass that of gold. Hardly worth the change, I put him at silver. It only took a little while for this to cycle through to agitate. It takes some time, but soon it will rinse the slate, rinse to clean, rinse too late.

You taste better with fine wine, and what was once full is now bitter and empty. Let's levy the lie, worth the wait, worth a soul mate? No, this is my war, and your shoulder has not yet seen winter. Listen to the kids, now hang it up to dry...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I don't care who you are or what you have... but if you have a penis, you suck.

So, suck this:
#1 you quoted Dylan, so now eff ur rules
#2 i hate ferris wheels, u r a ferris wheel
#3 29? how about make up ur mind
#4 'see, for me', ur gay and live in hollywood

Gonna wipe this slate clean.