Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Guys, Just Dolls

Sharon Tate is all glamour and no destruction, despite her role in one of my classic faves, 'Valley of the Dolls.' This goes way beyond a secret girl crush, I am deeply inspired by her beauty, her style, her light & dark, and her flower child carefree ways. Sad to say I missed the opening of Jeremy Corbell's mixed media art exhibition in Culver City titled, ICON: The Life and Style of Sharon Tate, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her passing. Peep out some of the work at

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Grey Cardi

Oh, the ceaseless fad of stripes, print, and plaid. But I always stick to my clad philosophy.. 'wear what you feel'. It's Fall again, and I would dig myself a grave to feel the beauty in the decay. Since I lack a spade, I'll keep it simple and sexy, trust me, this could get personal. Go ahead, if you can't follow your own lead, check how they rock the Grey Cardi..

Marc Jacobs
Alexander McQueen

Thank you 7th Earl.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Black, White, & Hardly Red

I recently finished this great read I picked up at a used book store up on the Australian gold coast. 'The Power and the Glory,' by Graham Greene. No need to count sheep, this is more than just a religious bedtime story, but you may need a dictionary. I wish I had his literary gene, it's magnetically poetic. Love and hate, freedom and oppression, pride and humility, good and evil. Who said opposites attract? Find out for yourself..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Cliche

"At the end of the day"... I see you have nothing better to say.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Handsome Furs

Everyone needs a bit of heavy petting now and then, but for me the pining for it seems to never end. Even more so now, since the start of my solo expedition 5 months ago, music has been more than just a burner or routine fling. Morning, noon, night, forget the the husband and the ring, but let me introduce one my favorite lovers, the Handsome Furs. Husband and wife rock duo, Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade, with vocals that resonate the happy and the melancholy, and Alexei Perry who puts magic to the beat. Since March of this year I have been delving into the thought provokingly, political yet not political, imperfectly perfect, introspective lyrics of their newest album, Face Control. Take a deep breath with each track more than just audible, I may as well be cheating on its pleasing predecessor, Plague Park. I feel the envy, to hear and see that this band is not focused financially, but rather more aesthetically. Using funds from shows, just enough to see a new foreign city. Absorbing the world, life, and experience through traveling, and conveying this through their music. Not to mention that the handsome couple wrote all songs together as a team. Whoa. Talk about chemistry..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Jeans

I've been fiending for a new pair of jeans. Even here in the Philippines at 34 degrees, where the sun and the humidity are thicker than thieves. I prefer to prance around the city in my undies, but merely wearing shorts may as well be a felony. Well here's the skinny on a brand new pair of good genes, labeled R13. Distressed denim produced in Italy, edgy straight and skinny cuts, but oh so relaxed. So, follow their rocking laid back lead, like old vinyl they only get better with age. I think with a little Dylan in the background, I might just become a groupie.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Row Your Boat..

i want to get out, i need air, i need to breathe.
fuk love i'm going out of my mind here
it's just prayer painting these walls half clean.

see the air lives thick and far from clear
i'm falling, i'm failing, i'm fleeting.
gonna build my house on minimal decree

can you cure a wooden smile
conquer over their rusted, garish hearts
we know that plastic only lasts a short while

give me a guitar give me some song
i can't sleep with dissonant melody
sketch a rhyme to help me write the wrong.

i've seen every cold of grey, and every shade of blue
same sign, your shifting steps like mine
i want color, i want new, i want you.

i've got years on your lovely flooded boots
the water is so knee deep in dirt
i'll carry you up ladders and down chutes.

look now, you see the sun awake i put it to sleep
fade your bones, fade the pretty
killing the need, another version of me