Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Back...

... with so much to tell, I don't even know where to begin. So I have compiled a brief list of experiences in the last month, or lack their of:

I drove across the country in solitude.

I live in downtown Los Angeles in a semi-highrise, with an amazing view... and the streets smell like a john more often than not.

I am going to FIDM for a professional degree in fashion design, and LOVE it so much that my heart for once feels more than content.

Downtown LA is quite dirty, Hollywood is glam but only a facade, and my pants are not on fire when I say I really enjoy other parts of LA.

I want to surf more, but I live too far from the beach. LA distance is measured in time. It's only 10 miles, but really 30-90 minutes.

I don't sleep much... but when I do I dream near nightmares. I hate clowns and paint.

I live on coffee, power bars, and never drink.

Will is cool. I am silly. It's movie time.

Window shopping excites me. Boys should not wear skinny jeans.

I miss my family, especially my siblings so much, it impales me and then kills me.

I left for LA, then my neice was born... it figures, my heart was meant to ache.

Emails keep my sanity withing walking distance. I walk a lot, with my keys like brass knuckles.

My sister keeps my mind from indisposal, my mood from lachrymose, and my living from demise. Oh my sister... how I love you.