Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lost & Found...

Nothing fits, but the straightjacket.
I scorn missing things.

Mind eluded.
The old conductor sings.

Those shoes untied.
Can't catch that train.

I got prudence in my pocket.
Some discontent in the slow lane.

A new penny for the loafer.
Another dime for a friend.

Tut tut, I'll take the old sneakers.
A torn heart, a needle, and some thread.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


It's normal as usual, these continuous glances. Never last, never certain, never cumbersome, never too near. I'm counting days to seconds, choking the horizon at sunset. But the dark has surmounted light, and our coincidence has lost its bright. Don't worry love. I've got a book for the match, and a flicker for this flame. This breeze unremitting, shut the swinging door on farewells. The tumblers are empty, and the coasters are drained. Come fill my glass, feed my soul, thirty not thirtytwo. We'll see the world move mountains, and feel the sea with our dreams.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Make the Shift and Split

It's one of those things where I clap and you dance.
Now the wind has averted, and you leave when I stand.
Never perfected, but always perfect...
Just swallow the regret.


Let go.

Now I see, now I see...

The dust never leaves, but my vices are clean.
The kind of shit that tastes bitter, but nourishes the intrigue.
You contrive show and tell...
Manifest a gratifying hell.



Now I breathe, I breathe.