Saturday, June 28, 2008


Now all the pretty has gone...
There is only pleasure in paint,
Only solace in self disdain.

No more pennies to wish on,
And all prayers displaced by rainbows.
Lord, paint me up all pretty like.

I wanna dance like them.
Bane and broken, one last silver token.
I'm gonna hammer out the pain with these worn boots.

Far from audible range,
I'll sing away the anguish and the fear.
At least you and your haughty smile have long disappeared.

How much for a lover?
Sit on your thrones with frivolous suits.
Marvel at yearn for an honest face hirsute.

Wait for morning, wait for winter.
Skinny like bones, cover it with snow.
When everything was once ugly.

Soon it will be pretty again...