Thursday, September 21, 2006

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden...

I love the city. Any big city. Perhaps this is why I have become such an intermittent urbanite. Although, I have found that I am more appreciative of Minneapolis when I am not running away from it, but rather walking. I recently strolled my way through one of my favorite urban retreats. A mere moment of happy solitude, coffee in hand.

Several aesthetically pleasing installations, some permanent, some like me. Prophecy of the Ancients. This piece is one of my favorites, like I've interrupted someone's dream. Several familiar objects suspended in a mesh metal dome. Don't wake up. I never like being awaken from my dreams. I forced my boots to tip its toes between geese droppings.

Grateful for the geese. For without them I am commonly the odd wheel. I stand alone without a hand to hold. I grasp my coffeeless cup firmly. Surrounded by lovebirds personified. This silent feeling is familiar. I move on.

Hare on Bell. An odd couple, yet they seem to complement one another. A sort of formal elegance. In all my deviance, at least I wore my dress. I'm at a loss for meaningful words here. Nothing new, I suppose. The generous hare says it's time for tea, but it's been spilt by my cumbersome glances. The sun is leaving me, whispering cold goodbyes. I hear the bell ring, but it remains still. Follow me boots, I am not a sculpture. I have nothing to display.

My final glance. This time reciprocated. I love this one. Goddess with the Golden Thighs. Beautiful in all its ugliness. We'll meet again. I love this microcosm. The city is getting cold, and soon it will be contagious...