Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lost & Found...

Nothing fits, but the straightjacket.
I scorn missing things.

Mind eluded.
The old conductor sings.

Those shoes untied.
Can't catch that train.

I got prudence in my pocket.
Some discontent in the slow lane.

A new penny for the loafer.
Another dime for a friend.

Tut tut, I'll take the old sneakers.
A torn heart, a needle, and some thread.


the antispace said...

and put your evils to bed.

the antispace said...

wait... you are already on the train!

the antispace said...

k, i know i've loading on the coments, but i have one more. phrase one: pertains to conformity? or is this nothing fits in society if you refuse to don the straightjacket?

Rechelda said...

Dear the antispace,


Tracy said...

best......... i just wanna be on a train with u.. so im not on it alone

Jonathan said...

So sober insomnia isn't all that bad sometimes........I am thoroughly enjoying reading all this.......really good stuff