Saturday, November 24, 2007

Loose Change is Good

My finger I can't quite place. It wavers and wanders over the repeats of my heart and the replays in my head. This feeling so disconcerting, I can only point at my own shortcomings. I feel the disappointment chilling my bones, as my expectations of others perpetually hit the ground. I'm not accustomed to normalcy, but this is becoming a common attribute. I'm realizing their corners and their curves, and realigning my own crooked turns. They advise a cliche, 'you live and you learn.' I trust their loose end wise words, as they do come with age. Here I want to whisper a new song under my breath, and sing it elsewhere to the world. This song around I will be more prudent, retract my index finger, and simply learn to live.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

point ur finger over here whenever u want to!!!!

ps i love your hands

pps i know that is irrelevant, but um.. you're too deep for me in some phrases