Saturday, February 02, 2008

Coffee & Red Bull

"Sometimes I wish the world wasn't round, I'm tired of running."

And then the nod, turns to a stare, melts the truth with another dare. It's fools gold. Just like your handshake, barely embraced, tastes a dull shade of grey. It glistened at first thought, unravels and freys the same way. You turn pages to the end, race the day only to start again. But now 2 steps become 12, flip the cup to be filled again. Not water, not wine. It cuts, but I'm twisting into the prettiest vine. You'll see, we'll all see.


Carver said...

Written down in my head. 52 Saturdays

Tracy said...

oOoo i read this in ny but couldnt comment...


love it

love you