Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Hit Wonder

Lie, cheat, obsolete.
Sell your house, your car, your soul.
They were never yours, never yours.

Baby, she's your paper doll.
Bendable, foldable, poseable.
Ring around the weeds, she's too fat to feel.

Minimal decree, you just creep as you please.
Never regret your secrets kept.
Hardly appraised near a done deal.

Shake it off sunshine, you're a common cold.
I'll cure you with coffee and vitamin c.
Drink up, drink up, you were easy elementary.

Did u know I like you better in dress shoes?
Buzz, buzz, buzz like a bar sign in Berlin.
Beat it worse than ur 5 song replay.

You, you, you the common fad, turns to neon, turns to plaid.
Is that really even your name?
So yesterday... I'll revert and label you Saturday.


Tracy said...

hahhahahhahahahgdgjdkl i looooooove it, i luff it, laaaave it

wharf rat said...

do you ever hear the bartender singing Clementine? dreadful sorry..

Tracy said...

i thought that song was elliott smith?