Friday, May 29, 2009

Wear is NZ?

My first few steps in New Zealand resulted in a late breakfast of Auckland boutiques. I consumed c (customs) street, and left nothing on that plate when I delved into a soon to be favorite local store called MADE. A healthy array of hues melding and folding, garments grey and golden. Complementary consumption could never be more well balanced with a heap of worldly designers and some edgy local labels.

March, April, May, and I'm inhaling winter once again. A little sugar in the coffee and some vintage in the post modern, makes the label 'maw' so sweet ( Discard the preconceived fleece, sneakers, and jeans. Less hide and more seek, and the assumed nz battle of fashion verses function starts to rip at the seams.

See through predictable windows, past the dear and the sheep suffocating the streets of the King and the Queen. Adore a bit of push and pull up Lorne, with a quick cold stroll through the narrow High Street. I love a new high fashion buy with a new high coat, but I can't lie I despise the cold. Had to make it last and satisfy it with a short black and a bit of a vintage fix down k (karangahape) road. Auckland's getting warmer and vintage and designer resale is always in season. Less words, more love, and a formulated map.. check it out.

<3 this city. Enjoy.

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Tracy said...

Rechelda is always in season.