Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Jeans

I've been fiending for a new pair of jeans. Even here in the Philippines at 34 degrees, where the sun and the humidity are thicker than thieves. I prefer to prance around the city in my undies, but merely wearing shorts may as well be a felony. Well here's the skinny on a brand new pair of good genes, labeled R13. Distressed denim produced in Italy, edgy straight and skinny cuts, but oh so relaxed. So, follow their rocking laid back lead, like old vinyl they only get better with age. I think with a little Dylan in the background, I might just become a groupie.


Tracy said...

just dont see dylan in concert for 65 bucks or you'll rip the jeans right off

Anonymous said...

There's always a great story,behind a good old faithful pair of jeans,always.............:)dont u agree???

elainemarie said...

ohhh gurlll im yo' bands groupie